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Language, Music and Art programmes for both kid and adult

Chinese Art - Calligraphy, paiting, dance and martial art


Would you like to know more Chinese culture and art?
We provide various courses (Chinese calligraphy, painting and dance), workshops (e.g. Chinese New Year Workshop) and culture activities!


We provide you the Chinese Art related workshops and plays. There are varied packages we have provided. Here are the briefs of them:

Option 1: 1 day Workshop

  1. Chinese New Year Stories
  2. Chinese Calligraphy (e.g. Writing Spring Festival Couplets etc.)
  3. Chinese Artwork (e.g. Paper cutting of Chinese greeting word, lantern etc.)
  4. Chinese Song and Dance (e.g. Teaching Chinese New Year song and Chinese dance etc.)
  5. Chinese Kung Fu

Option 2: Half-day Workshop

  1. Chinese New Year Story
  2. Chinese Calligraphy + Chinese Painting
  3. Chinese Song and Dance

Option 3: 2 hour Workshop

  • Chinese New Year Story + Introduction of Chinese New Year food and Decoration
  • Artwork or dance learning

Chinese New Year Celebration (Jan and Feb 2013)

Option 4: Chinese New Year Play (1 hour)

  1. Dragon Dancing or Chinese Kung Fu performance
  2. Chinese New Year Story & Introduction of Chinese New Year Celebration
  3. Chinese New Year Song
  4. Chinese Dance

Option 5: Chinese New Year Party

  1. Introduction of Chinese New Year Celebration & Chinese New Year
  2. Chinese New Year Song
  3. Chinese Dance
  4. Chinese Kung Fu
  5. Introduction of Chinese Tea Set (Drink a cup of Chinese Tea with Chinese Snacks)
  6. Chinese Name Bookmark (a Chinese Calligraphy master writes down everyone’s Chinese name with Chinese brush when people are drinking tea)

Closing date for booking a workshop or a play between 17 Jan and 24 Feb 2013 is 9 Feb 2013. If you need any further information, please inform me at your earliest convenience by 02075437783 and email:



Individual Art Courses

We provide Chinese dancing and Chinese Fine Art courses for both kids and adults. For a person who is busy or time inflexiblility, we also provide individual lessons dedicated to this issue. With us you learn at your place of work and home, our teaching sites or travel to the teacher. For a group class, we run a new class at anytime when we have a 5 students.

The courses we provide including Chinese Callography, Chinese painting, sketch and Chinese dancing for both adults and children.

Students are required to book a minimum of 10 lessons in advance. You can pay in advance for a discount rate.

For further details, please email to or call to 02073383443/ 07882235882.











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